EVaults are staking/farming pools, that execute strategies on deposited LP tokens. EVaults are designed to maximize returns for a given asset, these vaults may also run price protection tactics for one of the assets in the pairs.

The Evaults source is based on the SushiSwap MasterChef distribution model.


This is the main EVault, it is designed to protect the price of ETHY-ETH, and provide a high APY on all deposits. This EVault will go live at the end of the pre-sale at 23rd of November at 5:00pm (UTC).

1. Fee Distribution

Any time `ETHY` is transferred to/from a non-whitelisted contract or address a fee is applied. `ETHY` collected from this fee is distributed evenly to farmers in the this evault. `ETHY` takes from the weak hands and give the loyal holders.

2. Yield Farming & Price Pumping

Fees generated by the deposited LP tokens on uniswap will periodically be withdrawn by the contract; ETH and ETHY will be returned; The ETH will be used to buy ETHY from uniswap, increasing the price, which is great for all holders. All surplus ETHY will be redistributed to the farmers and small admin fee will be taken. This pumping strategy may be updated over time to an even more aggressive protocol.

3. Lending

Some surplus ETH and ETHY may be lent out according to the active evault strategy, interest will be deposited in the Vaults reserve and distributed to farmers.

4. Locked

Depositing in an evault will require an initial commitment, whereby your ETHY-ETH LP tokens will be locked for a minimum of 4 months. The longer the staking period 
the higher the greater share of the rewards you will receive. Your APY rewards can be liquidated at any time. 

5. Claiming rewards

Though LP tokens may be locked ETHY returns can be claimed at anytime. You should claim your ETHY regularly.

Other token vaults

In the future there will be more evaults, all evaults will require ETHY to interact with. They will behave similar to the ETHY-ETH LP vault without the price pumping mechanic. The next upcoming vaults will be an ETHY and ETH only vaults which will not use LP tokens.


Though ETHY may have been audited, this project is experimental, don't deposit your life savings, be responsible, stay safe <3.

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