Frequently asked questions

Below we answer some frequently asked questions. If you cant find an answer here please ask us in our telegram group.

Q. What is ETHY?

  • A: ETHY is a deflationary yield farming coin. ETHY is also the governance token, for managing all EVaults. Tokenomics.

Q. What are EValues?

  • A: EVaults are staking/farming pools, that execute strategies on deposited LP tokens. EVaults are designed to maximize returns for a given asset, that may also run price protection tactics. Evaults.

Q. What was the pre-sale price?

  • A: Pre-sale price for 1 ETHY is 0.02 ETH

Q. Why is the an extra transaction fee on ETHY?

  • A: This fee is to prevent Bots and Whales from applying any downwards forces on price. Further more this fee is redistributed to farmers in the ETHY-ETH Vault, promoting holding, and discouraging weak hands.

Q. Can I Farm from Uniswap outside of the ETHY-ETH Evault?

  • A: Yes, but the transaction fees will eat into your profits. It's better to use the EVaults as there is no extra TX fee sending or receiving from the vault.

Q. Who can vote in governance?

  • A: Currently governance is centralized however, once ETHY has been sufficiently distributed and the community can run itself: those who have locked funds in the main ETHY-ETH Evault will be able vote.

Q. Is the Liquidity Locked?

  • A: It's variable but, at any given time you can check how much liquidity is locked in the EVaults. 700 ETHs worth of liquidity has also been locked by the team.

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