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ETHY Pre-sale Event

Some ETHY was distributed via a pre-sale. This pre-sale has ended

Pre-sale members benefits:

  1. Holding EHTY before the first ETH price-pump stimulus;
  2. And they will receive a percentage of any unsold ETHY from the pre-sale (redistribution rights).


Though ETHY may have been audited, this project is experimental, don't deposit your life savings, be responsible, stay safe <3.

Pre-sale details

On Monday the 16TH of November the pre-sale distribution started. We are distributing 100,000 EHTY at 0.02 ETH each. This pre-sale event will end on the 23rd of November at 5:00pm (UTC). There will never be another pre-sale, there will be no airdrops.

  • All tokens purchased during the pre-sale will be locked in the contract until withdrawal the pre-sale ends.

  • The smart contract audit for Ethereum Yield was done by CERTIK.

Purchasing ETHY

You can purchase using the micro-dapp on the home page. Enter the amount of Ethereum you want to deposit (Note: the button below will update the relative amount of ETHY). Click Purchase, If you have not yet connected your wallet please do so first. Wait for your Purchase transaction to be confirmed then your claimable ETHY balance will appear in the upper right corner of the site.

Reload the page if you don't see your claimable balance.

Alternatively you can also purchase by sending directly to a PRE-SALE address, be sure to set a custom a gas limit of over 150,000.

Claiming your ETHY

After 23rd of November at 5:00pm (UTC) you will be able to claim your purchased ETHY by clicking the claim button on the homepage. You will also have to option to claim and earn, which will claim your pre-sale ETHY and deposit them in the vault taking advantage of the onetime ETH-less deposit, (otherwise you would have to provide extra ETH to provide liquidity).

Post Pre-sale Roadmap

We have a number of events scheduled immediately after the pre-sale ends, here's what you can look forward to:

  • Pre-sale ENDS: 11/23/2020 @ 5:00pm (UTC)
  • UniSwap listing: 11/23/2020 @ 6:00pm (UTC)
  • Coingecko listing: 11/23/2020-11/24/2020
  • ETHLess LP ends: 11/25/2020 @ 5:00pm (UTC) (Or sooner if the designated ETH run out earlier.)
  • First stimulus Event: 11/26/2020 @ 6:00pm (UTC) (Pending community vote)


Source codes can be obtained via etherscan.

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