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The Tokenomics of Ethereum Yield (ETHY)

ETHY is Ethereum's most powerful yield farming coin. ETHY's vault smart-contract executes strategies to maximize APY, reward holders, and Punish weak-hands. ETHY is also governance and a utility (providing access to all EVaults).

ETHY is designed from the ground up use all means necessary to benefit holders. We think strong pumpementals is in the interest of all holders!

Quick Overview

Transaction fee (Weak hand tax)

Weak hands hurt everybody, so good coins must design to mitigate this activity. We introduced an extra transaction fee, which serves two protective purposes: Firstly the fee reduces the prevalence of bots and discourages panic sellers who drive the price down, by taxing them. Secondly this fee is distributed to the farmers, rewarding them for holding. This process is simply summarized as:

  1. EHTY charges a fee on token transfers
  2. Users can earn the fee by farming

Holders are able to farm without infinite inflation, so long as there are ETHY transactions.


ETHY carries governance powers. Currently governance is centralized however, once ETHY has been sufficiently distributed and the community can run itself: those who have locked funds in the main ETHY-ETH Evault will be able vote. Read more in the Governance documentation.

Price Pumping

The ETHY-ETH will periodically execute price pumping actions, like liquidating profit from Uniswap and using large amounts of ETH to purchase ETHY (boosting the price). Read more in the EVaults documentation.

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